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Background Information

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) came into being in 1981, when seven Eastern Caribbean countries agreed, through the Treaty of Basseterre,
to cooperate with each other and promote political and economic unity and solidarity among the Members.

The objectives set out in the Treaty of Basseterre are to promote co-operation among the Member States and to defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence; to assist the Member States in the realisation of their obligations and responsibilities to the international community with due regard to the role of international law as a standard of conduct in their relationships; to establish and maintain wherever possible arrangements for joint overseas representation and common services; to promote economic integration among the member states; to pursue these through its respective by discussion of questions of common concern and by agreement on common action.

At the 34th meeting of the Authority, OECS Heads of Government decided to deepen economic integration by creating an economic union. The New vision of the OECS was presented in the OECS Development Charter.

The 35th meeting
presented the main elements of an economic union implementation project. OECS Governments took a decision in June 2006 to formally establish an economic union. The draft economic union treaty provides a foundation for closer cooperation on certain governance related matters, while another pillar of the treaty focuses on deepening economic integration. This integration is expressly geared to complement integration efforts already taking place at the CARICOM level. The Draft of the New Treaty For Frequently Asked Questions on the New OECS Economic Treaty

Communiques of the Authority
48th meeting
47th meeting
46th meeting
45th meeting
44th meeting
43th meeting
42th meeting
41th meeting
40th meeting
39th meeting
38th meeting
35th meeting

Legal Instruments
OECS Development Charter
Treaty of Basseterre
ECTEL Treaty
, and
 Pharmaceutical Procurement Service Treaty

Institutions in the OECS
Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority - ECTEL [off-site link]
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank - ECCB [off-site link]
Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority - ECCAA [off-site link]
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court - ECSC
[off-site link]
Studies and Publications
OECS Human Development Report 2002.
December 18, 2002 
National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Public Consultation Document.

National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of St. Lucia
Agricultural Policy Framework for the OECS.

OECS Secretariat
Trade Policies and Prospects of the Eastern Caribbean States in the New Global Economy

Dean A. De Rosa.

RNM/OECS Country Studies to Inform Trade Negotiations
    •   Overview of RNM/OECS Country Studies

    •   Antigua and Barbuda

    •   Dominica

    •   Grenada

    •   St. Kitts and Nevis

    •   St. Lucia

       St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Selected studies of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)
The Relevance of the Value Added Tax to ECCU Member Countries
Laurel Bain, Adviser, ECCB (2002)

The Internet Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Caribbean Exports

Allister Mounsey (2002)
The Economic Outlook for the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Garth Nicholls (2001)
Constraints to the Growth and Development of Tourism in the ECCB Member Territories

Louis E A Lewis (1999)
Bananas, The WTO and Adjustment Initiatives in the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Area

Oral H Williams and Reginald Darius(1998)