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Trade Policy of Haiti - Selected Documents
This section centralises information relating to Haiti's national trade policy. Government trade policy overviews, national development strategy papers as well as information on agreements, regulations, standards, and the investment climate are also presented in this section.
Haiti's trade policy is clearly not developed in isolation, but rather within a regional and global trade context. Over the years, the number of commitments derived from participation in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as well as CARICOM, the OECS, and other regional trade fora has increased. As such, documents that provide some insight into these regional and global policy frameworks have been included.

National Trade Policy
General Policy Documents
Main Policy Documents
National Strategy For Growth and Poverty Alleviation (DSNCRP 2008-2010) (in French)

Finance and Budget
Public Finance (in French)
Expenditures 2006-2007 (in French)
Budget 2008-2009 (in French) Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability Review
Haiti’s External Debt
Economic Indicators (in French)

Haiti-Diapora: Lancement du projet intitulé “ Haitian Diaspora Marketplace” (in French)
Center for the Facilitation of Investment (in French)
Code des Investissements and External Link (in French)
Investing in Haiti
FDI Statistics on Haiti
Promotion of FDI in Haiti
Administrative Procedures (in French)
Doing Business in Haiti

Le vétiver, une alternative au développement agricole et économique en Haïti (in French)
Strengthening the Management of Agriculture Public Services (GFRP)

Trade Policy
Caricom’s Trade 2001-2006
Haiti’s Trade with the world (in French)
US Trade with Haiti (in French)

Presidential Commission on Competitiveness. Shared Vision for an Inclusive and Prosperous Haiti: The Executive Summary. and Shared Vision for an Inclusive and Prosperous Haiti. (Only in French) Juillet 2009.
Legal Framework
External Trade Agreements

Preferential Schemes

Bilateral Investment Treaties

Trade Related Legislation
Intellectual Property Rights
Trade Policy Documents
WTO Trade Policy Review of Haiti, 2003
Government Report, 2003 Government of Haiti
WTO Secretariat Report, 2003 WTO Secretariat Report
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06

Other Trade Policy Documents
Haiti and the WTO
HAITI au GATT et à l’OMC (in French)
Haiti Tariff Profile 2007
Goods Schedule (all WTO members). See Liste XXVI - Haiti" for Haiti’s schedule
Haiti’s Bound Concessions at the HS6-digit level
National Information on Haiti (in French)
Haiti-GATS Specific Commitments (August 30, 1995)

Regional & Global Context
  Haiti is a member of the Caribbean Common Market and Community (CARICOM). Haiti has participated in the GATT since 1950 and in the WTO since 1996.

  Regional Level

Background Information, Legal Framework, External Agreements, On-going Negotiations, and more information.

  Global Level
  The World Trade Organisation-WTO
Understanding the WTO, The Agreements, Settlling Disputes, Cross-Cutting and New Issues, The Doha Agenda, Developing Countries, The Organization.

Relevant Publications
On Haiti
Haiti rejoins CARICOM
Ouverture prochaine d’un bureau de la Caricom à Port-au-Prince (July 5, 2007) (in French)
Haïti peut tirer beaucoup de la CARICOM (in French)
Haiti and Caricom Single Market (CSME)
Trade Agreements and Regional Integration (2007) (in French)
La Loi HOPE (in French)
Comparison of HOPE I and II Programs (in French)
HOPE Info (in French)
Clermont, Charles. Le cas d’Haïti : le CBI, le CBTPA et la loi HOPE (in French)
From Natural Catastrophe to Economic Security
Impact of the Proposals on Small and Developing CARICOM States, 2001 Bardouille, N.

On Trade Policy
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2009
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2008
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2007
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2006
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2005
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2004
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2003

On the Regional and Global Context
Taccone, J. and Nogueira, U (coordinators), 2002: CARICOM Report
Barclay, L; Henry, R and James, V, 2001: Trade Policy and Caribbean Development
Bernal, R: Globalisation and Small Developing Countries (source: CRNM website)
Dos Santos, P and Bain, L, 2004: Survey of the Caribbean Tax Systems
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