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Trade Policy of Jamaica - Selected Documents
This section centralises information relating to Jamaica's national trade policy. Government trade policy overviews, national development strategy papers as well as information on agreements, regulations, standards, and the investment climate are also presented in this section.
Jamaica's trade policy is clearly not developed in isolation, but rather within a regional and global trade context. Over the years, the number of commitments derived from participation in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as well as CARICOM, and other regional trade fora has increased. As such, documents that provide some insight into these regional and global policy frameworks have been included.

National Trade Policy
"... Jamaica is actively engaged in the negotiation of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements as a means of securing its trade interests and enhancing trade performance. In these agreements it seeks to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers on products of interest to Jamaica in asymmetrical arrangements with trading partners. It seeks also to facilitate measures to address supply-side constraints thereby facilitating improved productivity and competitiveness in both the domestic and export markets."
Goverment Report to the WTO 2005

General Policy Documents
Main Policy Documents
National Industrial Policy (unavailable)

Budget Speeches
Opening Budget Presentation 2009/2010
Opening Budget Presentation 2004/2005
Opening Budget Presentation 2003/2004
Opening Budget Presentation 2002/2003
Ministry of Planning

Social Policy Framework
Social Policy Framework, 2001
Legal Framework
External Trade Agreements

Preferential Schemes

Bilateral Investment Treaties

Trade Related Legislation
Intellectual Property Rights
Competition Policy
Commercial Guide
Trade Regulations & Standards, 2004
Investment Climate, 2004
US Department of Commerce
Trade Policy Documents
WTO Trade Policy Review, 2005
Government Report Government of Jamaica
Structure of Trade Policy WTO Secretariat Report
Policies by Sector WTO Secretariat Report
Policies and Practices by Measure WTO Secretariat Report

Jamaica's New Trade Policy
New Trade Policy 2001 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

WTO Trade Policy Review, 1998
Government Report to the WTO 1998 Government of Jamaica
Structure of Trade Policy WTO Secretariat Report
Policies by Sector WTO Secretariat Report
Policies and Practices by Measure WTO Secretariat Report

Other Trade Policy Documents
Managing the Trade Support Network, 2004 JAMPRO
National Trade Capacity Building Strategy, 2003 Government of Jamaica
Approach to the Development of non-Tourism Services Exports JAMPRO

Handbook of Public Sector Procurement Procedures, 2001. Government of Jamaica
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Regional & Global Context
  Jamaica is a founding member of the Caribbean Common Market and Community (CARICOM). Jamaica has participated in the GATT since July 1966 and in the WTO since March 1995.

  Regional Level

Background Information, Legal Framework, External Agreements, On-going Negotiations, and more information. CSME Initiative, and more information.

  Global Level
  The World Trade Organisation-WTO
Understanding the WTO, The Agreements, Settlling Disputes, Cross-Cutting and New Issues, The Doha Agenda, Developing Countries, The Organization.

► Other International Organisations
Reports & Country Strategies on Jamaica
Doing Business, 2009
World Bank
EU - Aid for Trade Monitoring Report, 2008
World Trade Organisation
CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agrmt
Economic Survey of the Caribbean 2007-2008
Economic Survey of the Caribbean 2006-2007
IMF Art.IV Consultation, 2008
IMF Art.IV Consultation, 2007
IMF Art.IV Consultation, 2005
IMF Art.IV Consultation, 2004
Staff for the 2004 Consultation with Jamaica
World Bank Country Strategy, 2006
World Bank Country Strategy, 2005
World Bank Country Strategy, 2000
LAC, World Bank
Business Environment, Jamaica, 2003

Relevant Publications
On Jamaica
Country Commercial Guide, 2009
Jamaica: EC Country Strategy, 2008
Jamaica: Trade, Integration an the Quest for Growth, 2005 Jessen, A. and Vignoles, C.
Trade Liberalisation: The Jamaican Experience, 2004 Witter, M.
Productivity and Competitiveness in the Jamaican Economy, 2003 Downs, A.
Jamaica: The Road to Sustained Growth, 2003 LAC- World Bank
Jamaica: Globalisation, Liberalisation and Sustainable Human Development, 2001 UNCTAD/UNDP
Jamaica - European Community Country Strategy Paper, 2001 Government of Jamaica and EU Commission
Strategic Global Repositioning and Future Economic Development in Jamaica, 1996 Bernal, R.

On Trade Policy
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2009
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2008
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2007
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2006
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2005
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2004
World Trade Organisation: Trade Report 2003

On the Regional and Global Context
Taccone, J. and Nogueira, U (coordinators), 2002: CARICOM Report
Barclay, L; Henry, R and James, V, 2001: Trade Policy and Caribbean Development
Bernal, R: Globalisation and Small Developing Countries (source: CRNM website)
Dos Santos, P and Bain, L, 2004: Survey of the Caribbean Tax Systems
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