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WTO Annual Publications
Reports *

WTO Annual Report 2008
WTO Annual Report 2007
WTO Annual Report 2006
WTO Annual Report 2005
WTO Annual Report 2004
WTO Annual Report 2003
WTO Annual Report 2002
WTO Annual Report 2001
WTO Annual Report 2000
WTO Annual Report 1999
WTO Annual Report 1998
World Trade

World Trade Report 2009
World Trade Report 2008
World Trade Report 2007
World Trade Report 2006
World Trade Report 2005
World Trade Report 2004
World Trade Report 2003
International Trade

Int. Trade Statistics 2008
Int. Trade Statistics 2007
Int. Trade Statistics 2006
Int. Trade Statistics 2005
Int. Trade Statistics 2004
Int. Trade Statistics 2003
Int. Trade Statistics 2002
Int. Trade Statistics 2001
Int. Trade Statistics 2000
World Tariff

Tariff Profiles 2008
Tariff Profiles 2006

Trade Profiles 2008
* Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the WTO activities over the respective year and include information on the WTO’s budget and staffing.
Source: WTO Secretariat