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Impact Studies   -  Estudios de Impacto

Methodological Issues - Aspectos Metodológicos
Assessing The Poverty Impact Of Trade Liberalisation: A Critical Appraisal Of The Computable General Equilibrium Approach. Colin Kirkpatrick and S. Serban Scrieciu (2006)

Trade Liberalization, Product Variety and Growth in a Small Open Economy: A Quantitative Assessment. Rutherford, Thomas and Tarr, David

Notes on Dynamics in CGE Models.
Devarajan, Shantayanan

Economies of Scale and Imperfect Competition. Roland-Holst David

The Influence of Computable General Equilibrium Models on Policy.  Devarajan, Shantayanan and Robinson, Sherman

Measuring Existing Protection - Costo del Proteccionismo
The Cost of Rich (and Poor) Country Protection to Developing Countries" Anderson, Kym; Dimaranan, Betina; Francois, Joseph F.; Hertel, Thomas W.; Hoekman, Bernard and Martin, Will NMI

Market Access Maps: A Bilateral and Disaggregated Measure of Market Access. Bouët, Antoine; Fontagné, Lionel; Mimouni, Mondher;  and Pichot, Xavier

Eliminating Excessive Tariffs on Exports of Least Developed Countries.
Hoekman, Bernard; Ng, Francis and Olarreaga, Marcelo

Impact of Preferential Schemes - Impacto de los Esquemas Preferenciales
Impact of CBERA 18th Report 2005-2006 . USITC

Impact of CBERA 17th Report 2003-2004 . USITC

The Impact of The Andean Trade Preference Act. USITC

Impact of CBERA on The United States. USITC

Impact of CBERA on Beneficiary Countries. USITC

Would Rich Country Trade Preferences Help Poor Countries Grow? Evidence from the Generalized System of Preferences. Romalis, John

Duty and Quota-Free Access for LDCs: Further Evidence From CGE Modelling. Bora, Bijit; Cernat, Lucian and Turrini, Alessandro

Sustainability Impact Assessment of Trade Negotiations of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements. PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Advice Concerning Possible Modifications To The U.S. Generalized System Of Preferences, 2003 Review. USITC

Trade Preferences for LDCs: An Early Assessment of Benefits and Possible Improvements. UNCTAD

Impact of the FTAA - Impacto del ALCA
Oportunidades y Amenazas del ALCA para Argentina. Centro de Economía Internacional

ALCA: Uma Estimativa do Impacto no Comércio Bilateral Brasil-Estados Unidos. Kume, Honorio and Piani, Guida

A Formação da ALCA e seu Impacto no Potencial Exportador Brasileiro para os Mercados dos Estados Unidos e do Canadá. De Negri, João Alberto; Saba Arbache, Jorge and Falcão Silva, Maria Luiza

Regionalism versus Globalization in the Americas: Empirical Evidence on Opportunities and Challenges. Roland-Holst, David and van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique

Free Trade in the Americas from a North-South Perspective. Gilbert, John

Impact of Doha - Impacto de Doha
Winners and Losers: Impact of the Doha Round on Developing Countries. Bussolo, Sandra Polaski, March 2006

Economic Implications of the Doha Development Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean: Non Tariff Measures. Bureau, Jean-Christophe; Drogué, Sophie and Ramos, Maria Priscila

A Preliminary Assessment of the Economic and Poverty Impacts of the Doha and FTAA Agenda for Latin America. Bussolo, Maurizio; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique and Lay, Jann

Liberalising Trade in Textiles and Clothing: A Survey of Quantitative Studies. Working Party of the Trade Committee, OECD

Poverty Impacts of Multilateral Trade Liberalization. Hertel, Thomas W; Preckel, Paul V; Cranfield, John A.L. and Ivanic, Maros

Is Agricultural Liberalization Beneficial to Developing Countries?
Bouet, Antoine;  Bureau, Jean-Christophe; Decreux, Yvan And  Jean, Sébastien

Measuring Impediments to Trade in Services. Warren, Tony and Findlay, Christopher

A User's Guide to Uruguay Round Assessments.
Francois, Joseph, F.; McDonald, Bradley and Nordström, Håkan

Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Scenarios for the New Round and Assessment. Fontagné, Lionel; Guérin, Jean-Louis; Jean, Sébastien

On Impact of Bilateral Agreements - Impacto de Acuerdos Bilaterales
An Impact Study Of The EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) In The Six ACP Regions . CEPII and CIREM (2008)

Liberalising Trade in Textiles and Clothing: A Survey of Quantitative Studies. Working Party of the Trade Committee, OECD

Acordo de Livre-Comércio Mercosul-União Européia : Uma Estimativa dos Impactos no Comércio Brasileiro. Kume, Honorio; Piani, Guida; Miranda, Pedro and Reis Castillo, Marta

Evaluación TLC Chile - México 2004. DIRECON

Evaluación Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Chile y EE.UU. 2004

Evaluación Acuerdo Chile-Unión Europea. DIRECON

Relación de México con sus socios Comerciales. Secretaría de Economía

U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement: Potential Economywide and Selected Sectoral Effects. USITC

U.S.-Taiwan FTA: Likely Economic Impact of a Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Taiwan. USITC

The Impact of Trade Agreements: Effect of the Tokyo Round, U.S.-Israel FTA, U.S.-Canada FTA, NAFTA, and the Uruguay Round on the U.S. Economy. USITC

The Economic Impact of U.S. Sanctions with Respect to Cuba. USITC

U.S.-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement: Potential Economy wide and Selected Sectoral Effects. USITC

U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement: Potential Economy wide and Selected Sectoral Effects. USITC

U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Potential Econcomywide and Selected Sectoral Effects. USITC

Capturing NAFTA’s Impact With Applied General Equilibrium Models. Kehoe, Patrick  and Kehoe, Timothy 

Evaluating the Success of a CGE Model of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Fox, Alan

Canada - European Union Trade and Investment Relations. The Impact of Tariff Elimination. Cameron, Rick (DFAIT)

Fiscal Impact of Trade Liberalization - Impacto Fiscal de la Apertura Comercial
Quantifying the fiscal effects of Trade Reform. Devarajan, S.; Go, D. and  Li, H. 

Trade Liberalization and Trade Taxes. Tanzi, Vito

Fiscal Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Americas. Integration and Regional Programs Department, IDB

Impact of trade liberalization and fluctuations of commodity prices on Government finances: the case of St. Lucia.  The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean

Evaluating the Fiscal Impact of a Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (REPA) between the European Union and CARICOM. Shelton Nicholls; Janice Christopher-Nicholls and Philip Colthrust

Exploring the Possible Benefits and Costs of FTAA. Harberger, Arnold C.

Economic Integration And The Transformation Of The Tax Mix: Cyprus 1990-2001. Jenkins, Glenn P. and Poufos, George G.

The Fiscal Effects of Tariff Reduction in the Caribbean Community. Peters, Amos