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National Legislation and Other Sources of Information

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     Antigua and Barbuda  

National Legislation

Sources of Information

Proposed Laws, Acts, Regulations Currently in Parliament
The National Economic Social Council Act, 2004 [152KB PDF] *
  The Antigua and Barbuda International Exempt Trust Act, 2004  [451KB PDF] *
  Insurance Act, 2004  [913KB PDF] *
  The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2004  [22KB PDF] *
  The Bill of Sale (Amendment) Act, 2004 [18KB PDF] *
  The Business Licenses Act 2004  [89KB PDF] *
  The Banking Act 2004  [956KB PDF] *
  The Law Revision (Miscellaneous) (Amendment) Act, 2004  [23KB PDF] *

Existing Laws, Acts, Regulations
The Public Utilities (Amendment) Act, 2004 [20KB PDF] *
  The Freedom of Information Act, 2004 [152KB PDF] *
  The Integrity in Public Life Act, 2004  [62KB PDF] *
  The Magistrate's Code of Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2004  [199KB PDF] *
  Prevention of Corruption Act, 2004  [43KB PDF] *
  The Caribbean Court of Justice Act, 2004 [54KB PDF] *
  The National Parks (Amendment) Act 2004 [21KB PDF] *
  International Business Corporation (Amendment) Act 2004 [37KB PDF] *
  The Administration of Small Estates (Amendment) Act 2004 Update [22KB PDF] *
  The Litter (Amendment) Act 2004 [109KB PDF] *
  The Millennium Naturalization Act, 2004 [58KB PDF] *
  Forestry Regulations [14KB PDF] *
  National Parks Act [15KB PDF] *
  Land Development Regulations  [83KB PDF] *
  Litter Act [13KB PDF] *
  Fisheries Act [65KB PDF] *
  Fisheries Regulations [16KB PDF] *
  Beach Control Regulations [11KB PDF] *
  Merchant Shipping Act [17KB PDF] *
  Interactive Gaming & Interactive Wagering Regulations
  Money Laundering Guidelines 9-9-02 [281KB PDF] *
  Financial Action Task Force Recommendations (FATF) 40 [146KB PDF] *
Financial Action Task Force Recommendations (FATF) 40 Review [546KB PDF] *
  Caribbean Financial Task Force Recommendations (CFATF) 19 [20KB PDF] *
  Consolidated Money Laundering Prevention Act 1996 as amended [139KB PDF] *

  Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism

Directorate of Offshore Gaming - Legislation

Government of Antigua and Barbuda
  Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations



National Legislation

Sources of Information

 Resort Development
   Chapter 263 - Hotels Encouragement Act  [99KB PDF] *
   Schedule of Duty-free Items [50KB PDF] *
  Summary of Benefits under the Hotels Encouragement Act [14KB PDF] *
   Hotels Encouragement Act Agreement - New Hotel
[39KB PDF] *
   Hotels Encouragement Act Agreement - Existing Hotel
[39KB PDF] *

 Purchase of Real Estate
   International Persons Landholding Act  [52KB PDF] *
   Application for Permit  [21KB PDF] *
   Application for Certificate of Registration [14KB PDF] *
International Persons Landholding Act - Guidelines [19KB PDF] *

Industries Encouragement Act [88KB PDF] *
   Application Form [191KB PDF] *

   Time Sharing & Vacation Plans Act [130KB PDF] *
   Time Sharing & Vacation Plans Regulations [55KB PDF]*

 Small Manufacturing
    Item 9, Part B, Tariff Act [4KB PDF] *
   Schedule of Duty-free Items [23KB PDF] *
   Applications for Customs Duties Exemptions under Item 9, Part B of the Tariff Act [45KB PDF] *

  Bahamas Maritime Authority

  Office of the Prime Minister - Legislation

    »  National Investment Policy

 Official Site of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

  Ministry of Tourism



National Legislation

Sources of Information

Main Investment Incentives

 Companies Acts/Regulations/Orders
Companies Act - Cap 308  [PDF 691 KB] *
  Companies Regulations 1984 - Cap 308 [PDF 5,665 KB]

 Customs Acts/Regulations/Orders
  Customs (Rates of Exchange) (No.5) Notice, 1993 [PDF 6 KB]
Customs (Lists of Prohibited And Restricted Imports And Exports) Order, 1962 [PDF 13 KB] *
  Customs Act Cap 66 [PDF 9,375 KB] *
  Customs Regulations 1963

 Electronics Transactions Acts/Regulations/Orders
Electronics Transactions Act Cap - 308B [PDF 52 KB] *

 Exempts Insurance Acts/Regulations/Orders
  Exempt Insurance Act - Cap 308A [PDF 69 KB]
  Exempt Insurance (Delegation of Functions), 1991 - Cap 308A [PDF 178 KB]
  Exempt Insurance (Forms and Fees) Regulations, 1983 - Cap 308A [PDF 294 KB]
  Exempt Insurance (Holding Companies Fees) Regulations, 1990 - Cap 308A [PDF 79 KB]
  Exempt Insurance (Tax Concessions) Regulations, 1986 - Cap 308A

 Fiscal Incentives Acts/Regulations/Orders
  Fiscal Incentives Act - Cap 71A  [PDF 1,438 KB]
  Fiscal Incentives Regulations, 1975 - Cap 71A 
  Fiscal Incentives (Declaration of Approved Enterprises) Order, Cap 71A  [PDF 830 KB]
  Fiscal Incentives (Declaration of Approved Products) Order - Cap 71A  [PDF 473 KB]

 IBC Acts/Regulations/Orders
  International Business Companies Act - Cap 77 [PDF 48 KB]
  International Business Companies Regulations - Cap 77 [PDF 7 KB]
International Business Companies (Rate of Tax) Order, 1998 - Cap 77 [PDF 6 KB] *

 Immigration Acts/Regulations/Orders
  Immigration (Forms And Fees) Regulations 1979 [PDF 2,549 KB]
  Immigration (Ports of Entry) Regulations 1976 [PDF 69KB]
  Immigration Act Cap 190 [PDF 2,191 KB]
  Immigration (Students) Regulations, 1979 [PDF 1,002 KB]

 International Financial Services Act
  International Financial Services Act 2002 [PDF 122 KB]

 International Trusts Acts
  International Trusts Act - Cap 245 [PDF 38 KB]

 Segregated Cells & Segregated Accounts
  Segregated Cells & Segregated Accounts Description [PDF 98 KB]

 Shipping Incentives Acts/Regulations/Orders
  Shipping Incentives Act - Cap 90A  [PDF 346 KB]

 Special Development Areas Act/Regulations/Orders
  Special Development Areas Act - Cap 237A [PDF 23KB]

 SRL Acts/Regulation/Orders
  Societies With Restricted Liability Act - Cap 318B [PDF 72 KB]
  Societies With Restricted Liability Regulations - Cap 318B [PDF 72 KB]

 Tourism Development Bill 2002
  Tourism Development Bill 2002 [PDF 82 KB]

  Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC)

  Barbados Port Inc.

  Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA)

  Central Bank of Barbados

  Government of Barbados Information Network (GOBINET)

  Parliament of Barbados

Prime Minister's Office

   US Department of Commerce's Commercial Service - Barbados



National Legislation

Sources of Information

 Government Incentives
Fiscal Incentive Act  [PDF 150 KB] *
  Commercial Free Zones (CFZ) Act  [PDF 150 KB] *
  Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Act  [PDF 156 KB] *
  Gaming Control Act  [PDF 134 KB] *
  Qualified Retired Person (QRP)
» Retired Persons (Incentives) Act  [PDF 118 KB] *
  International Banking Act [PDF 213 KB] *
  Trusts Act  [PDF 139 KB] *
  International Financial Services Industries (IFS)

      Modern Legislation
» International Business Companies Act  [PDF 340 KB] *
» Trusts Act [PDF 139 KB] *
» International Banking Act [PDF 161 KB] *
» Registration of Merchant Ships Act [PDF 116 KB] *
» Mutual Funds Act [PDF 215 KB] *
» Protected Cell Companies Act [PDF 165 KB] *
» Limited Liability Partnership Act [PDF 177 KB] *
» International Insurance Act  [PDF 213 KB] *

      Thriving Industry
» International Financial Services Commission Act [PDF 141 KB] *
» Banks and Financial Institutions Act  [PDF 199 KB] *
» Prevention of Money Laundering Act  [PDF 160 KB] *

  Belize International Business Companies (IBC) Act  [PDF 304 KB] *

  Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)

  Belize Investment Guide
     »  Investment Incentive Schemes

  Central Bank of Belize  

 Government of Belize

  Ministry of Finance (Revenue)

  WTO - Trade Policy Review - 2004 - Secretariat Report
     » Trade policy regime: framework and objectives



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Fiscal Incentives Act, Chapter 84:51
  Hotels Aid Act, Chapter 85:04
  Consumption Tax Order, Chapter 80:01
  Alien Landholding Regulations Act No. 17 of 1995
Income Tax Act, Chapter 67:01
Customs (Control & Management) Act, Chapter 69:01
  International Business Companies Act No. 10 of 1996
  Offshore Banking Act No. 8 of 1996
  Companies Act No. 21 of 1994

  Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA)

  Ministry of Finance - International Business Unit

  Official Site of the Commonwealth of Dominica



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Government of Grenada 

  Ministry of Agriculture 

  Ministry of Finance 

  Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Social Security, Culture and Gender & Family Affairs  



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Bank of Guyana Act 1998
Financial Institutions Act 1995
  Bank of Guyana

  Embassy of Guyana - Washington, DC, USA - Investing in Guyana

  Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest)
     »  Investment Incentives  
  Guyana Office for Investment

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Banque de la République d'Haïti (BRH) (en français)

  Le Consulat Général de la République d'Haïti à Montréal - Maison Haïti (en français)

  Tourisme Haïti (en français)



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  The Caribbean Investment Corporation Act [PDF 647 KB]*
  The Crown Agents (Power to Vary Investments) Act  [PDF 77 KB] *
The Investment Disputes Awards (Enforcement) Act  [PDF 702 KB] *
The Investment of Suitors' Moneys Act
The Loans (Equity Investment Bonds) Act  [PDF 38 KB] *
  The Export Industry Encouragement Act
   The Jamaica Export Free Zones Act [PDF 81 KB] *
  Companies Act 1965
Registration of Business Names Act of 1934
  Industrial and Provident Societies Act of 1903


  Jamaica Trade Point

  Ministry of Development - Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)
»  Investment and Export Promotion
»  Investor's Guide to Doing Business in Jamaica  [PDF 346KB] 

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

  Ministry of Justice

   US Department of Commerce's Commercial Service - Jamaica

WTO - Trade Policy Review - 2005 - Secretariat Report
    »  Trade and investment policy regime


     St. Lucia

National Legislation

Sources of Information

 Petroleum Act (1990).ct (1958) CAP.54
  Import Licence Act
 Trade Licence Act (1985)
 Trade Liquor Licence
 Sale of Produce Ordinance (Chp 27) 1959 - 1967)
 Shop Hours Ordinance (Chp 245) 1959 - 1970
 Trading Licence
 External Trade Act (1968)
 External Trade (Restricted Imports Order)
  East Caribbean States Development Agency Act (1990)
  Distribution and Prices of Goods Act (1967)
  Price Control Order (1984)

Fiscal Incentives Act (1974)
Customs Free zone Act (1983)
Customs Act (1967-1985)
Small Business Act (Draft)
Small Business Policy (Draft)
Customs Duties (Dumping and Subsidies) - Ordinance (1964) (1967)

  Draft Free zone Act
  Standards Act

  Government of Saint Lucia
      »  Saint Lucia Government Information Service

  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries

  Ministry of Commerce, Investment and Consumer Affairs

  Saint Lucia Government Statistical Department

  Saint Lucia National Development Corporation (NDC)
     »sp;  » Trade & Investment Incentives
     » Investment Package [PDF 243 KB] *
     » A Guide to Investing in Saint Lucia  [PDF 1,170 KB] *
     » Industrial Policy of St. Lucia [PDF 196 KB] *

  Saint Lucia Tourist Board

  Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture


     St. Kitts and Nevis

National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Government of St.Kitts & Nevis

  Ministry of Finance

  Ministry of Tourism


     St. Vincent and the Grenadines

National Legislation

Sources of Information

    Windward Islands Banana Insurance Act (1996)
 Vincent and the Grenadines Offshore Finance Authority Act (1996)
 Tourist (Duty Free) Shopping Act (1999)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering (Prevention) Act (2001)
Mutual Funds Act (1997)
 Maritime Security Act, 2002 (2002)
Marine Insurance Act, 1989 (1989)
 Management of Ship-generated Solid Waste Act (2002)
 International Trusts Act (1996)
 International Sale or Goods Act (2002)
International Financial Organizations Act (1979)
 Insurance Business Tax Act (1978)
 Insurance Act (1970)
 Importation of Textiles (Quotas) Act (1934)
 Bills of Exchange Act (1895)
 Banking Act (1988)
 Banana Industry Restructuring Act (2001)
 Agricultural Economy Development Loan Authorization Act (1997)
 Agricultural and Cooperative Bank (Merger with Development Corporation Act (1982)
 Agricultural and Co-operative Bank of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Act (1966)
  Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines 



National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Permanent Mission of Suriname to the United Nations

  Chamber of Commerce and Industry


     Trinidad and Tobago

National Legislation

Sources of Information

  Companies Act, 1995 (as amended by the Companies Amendment Act, 1997)
Value Added Tax Act, 1989
Fiscal Incentives Act
  Hotel Development Act
  Free Zones under Act 19 of 1988
  Venture Capital Companies under Act 22 of 1994
  Income Tax Act
  Corporation Tax Act
The Finance Act, 2004  [PDF 45 KB] *
  Investing in Trinidad and Tobago
     » Investment Guide 2003 [PDF 612 KB] *
Parliament of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
     » Publications

  Tourism Development Company Limited


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